Baptism Photography. Wedding photographer Valentina Lezhneva Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg

Baptism Photography

Valentina var en fotograf i min smak, hon bara fanns där och tog fantastiska kort, även om hon inte märktes. Just den delen att hon gjorde sitt jobb på ett smidigt vis utan att jag eller övriga familjemedlemmar märkte att vi färemål för kameran, gjorde hela situationen med familliefotografering bekväm- Vi ser alla naturliga ut på bilderna och jag skulle rekommendera Valentina för alla mina vänner.


A baptism is an important milestone in a person’s life, and making sure you have quality photos to commemorate the event is important.

How do parents prepare for a photo session? 

1) Prepare your outfit for the photo session ahead of time. On the day of baptism, you may have a lot to do and it is better to exclude unnecessary stress. Often the child is dressed in white clothes and it looks very good in the photo. It’s great if you choose clothes suitable for the event and combined with the whole family.

 2) It is very important to plan the baptism for the child’s regimen. This is a special event and certainly stressful for many children. Be sure that your child has had a good night’s sleep and is full. Do not plan an event for the evening when the child is already very tired.

 3) Warn guests that there will be a photo shoot during the christening. Let them feel natural and don’t be camera shy. The goal of the photographer is to shoot a report and get good photos. Natural emotions are very important. For a photographer, a photo session is work and, most importantly, the comfort of customers. It is very important when people know in advance about the photo session and can be mentally prepared.

Dopfotosession  Baptism Photography DOPFOTOGRAFERING I GÖTEBORG
DOPFOTOGRAFERING I GÖTEBORG Dopfotosession  Baptism Photography
DOPFOTOGRAFERING I GÖTEBORG Dopfotosession  Baptism Photography


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